Lab of Robotics Oriented Intelligence

Academy for Engineering & Technology, School of Computer Science, Fudan University

Let intelligent robots enter our lives

About Us

In recent years, the laboratory has obtained tens of million yuan of scientific research resources input, including the Ministry of education, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the major science and technology projects of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the 211 special project of Fudan University, and more than 30 university enterprise cooperation projects. It has produced a large number of original and independent intellectual property rights research results and has developed "Fudan I robot for autonomous mental development" "Fuwa", "Aijia No.1", "Haibao robot", "Chinese and Western medicine health management robot" and other six generations of intelligent service robots.


We have won the second prize of the 9th Shanghai Science and technology award for traditional Chinese medicine in 2019, the silver award of the international invention in 2018, the special award of the Romanian Academy of technology and Sciences, the grand prize in 2017 China International Industrial Exposition, the second prize of the technological invention of the Ministry of education, the second prize of Wu Wenjun's artificial intelligence science and technology progress award, the third prize of Shanghai Science and technology progress award, and the 2015 Suzhou science and technology leading talent.